What is Czech Mobility Infopoint?

CzechMobility.Info is a Czech InfoPoint promoting international collaboration of artists.

Its aim is to help professionals engaged in the cultural sector to deal with the practical issues of mobility, such as taxes, visas, insurance or contracts. The core of the project lies in the online information portal but the InfoPoint’s activities also include consultations and workshops.

The portal is in Czech and English and is therefore available both to Czech creatives and managers in culture and to foreign professionals collaborating with the Czech art scene.

When setting up the InfoPoint, ATI leaned on the long-lasting cooperation with foreign partners and networks and on their experience in creating similar platforms, such as DutchCulture/TransArtists, Wales Arts International, and MobiCulture. Our most important partners include On the Move, a network promoting international mobility. We have used mainly the know-how of Touring Artists, a German information portal for mobility issues, operated under the Berlin centre ITI, which became the key foreign partner of our project in 2017. Our main partner in the preparation of studies in the Czech Republic is the Fair Art association.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and is based on the Strategy of Support for the Arts in the Czech Republic 2015-2020, specifically priority task No. 30: To set up and support an InfoPoint for the mobility of artists to provide Czech artists, theorists, and other workers in the cultural sector with information and advice to make it easier for them to be professionally active abroad and likewise to make it easier to welcome foreign artists in the Czech Republic – based on a Recommendation of the European Commission. This task is also based on priority 4.2.1 of the State Cultural Policy.

Our Partners

On the move

On the Move (OTM) is an international information network comprising over 35 members and operating in more than 20 countries. Its mission is to promote international mobility and cooperation in the area of culture across different art genres. The Czech Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) joined the association in 2012. If you wish to receive up-to-date information regularly, we recommend subscribing to its monthly newsletter.

Fair Art

Fair Art is a non-governmental non-profit organisation active in the Czech cultural sector since 2012. It brings together students and graduates of law and other disciplines that have a common interest in trying to raise the awareness of legal matters among visual artists and providing them with legal assistance in relation to artistic activities.

Touring Artists

Touring Artists is a German InfoPoint for mobility issues. Besides running the online portal, it provides consultations and organises workshops on practical and administrative matters of international cooperation. We also recommend its quarterly newsletter.

Central European Brokers

Central European Brokers is a company providing insurance services to a broad portfolio of clients, ranging from trading and manufacturing companies to banks, travel agencies to public institutions and transport companies. Last but not least it collaborates with cultural institutions, such as the National Theatre.

Our Team

Both ATI employees and external colleagues are taking part in the project. Individual topics are consulted with experts, partner institutions as well as experienced representatives of all art disciplines.

Barbora Doležalová

+420 775 665 632

She has been working for ATI since 2014, mainly on projects of international cooperation. She is currently the coordinator of the CzechMobility.Info information portal for the mobility of artists. She also works as a translator and interpreter (with focus on the English-speaking regions and Poland) and as a cultural manager. In her projects, she focuses on the development of Czech-Polish cooperation and popularisation of Polish culture in the Czech Republic (e.g. Bardzofajný festival).

Martina Hájková

+420 723 037 826

As a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Charles University, Arts Management at the University of Economics Prague, and Production at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU), she has rich experience not only in theoretical but especially practical aspects of work in the cultural sector. She currently works as a lawyer at the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR), where she specialises in public procurement and copyright. Apart from this, she collaborates with the Association of Professional Theatres and the FairArt non-profit organisation and devotes her spare time to producing cultural projects.

Viktor Košut

A graduate of the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno and the Department of Production of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, a former lawyer of DILIA, Theatre, Literary, Audiovisual agency, z.s., currently works as a lawyer specialising mainly in intellectual property law and an external lecturer at the Department of Production of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and is a member of ALAI (Czech national group of the international learned society devoted to the study of author‘s rights) and a member of the Administrative Board of the Dejvické divadlo, o.p.s. theatre.

Ludmila Vacková

She has been involved in the activities of independent ensembles on the theatre scene both in the Czech Republic and abroad since 2006. For several years she worked as an executive of Divadlo bratří Formanů (Forman Brothers’ Theatre) and headed its “Mystery Boat” theatre project. She is currently the executive director of Bezhlaví z.s. / SpitfireCompany and the Zero Point international festival, which she also co-founded. At the same time, she is the main production manager at Studio Alta.

Pavla Petrová

Marek Vondra

Michal Adamovský

Rudolf Leška