Self-employed Persons in the Czech Republic

Artists and other workers in culture who are not employed are called self-employed persons (OSVC).

As of 1 January 2009, all self-employed artists are required to pay the state pension scheme contributions and contributions to the state employment policy, as every artistic activity is considered systematic under the amended State Pension Scheme Act. If an artist becomes unemployed, he/she is paid the unemployment benefits from the Fund of the Contributions to the State Employment Policy, as any other job-seekers.

Unlike this, sickness insurance is voluntary for self-employed artists. It is not, however, possible to register for sickness insurance retroactively. Those who are not covered by sickness insurance are entitled neither to sickness benefits when ill, nor to maternity benefits. If the artist does not participate in the sickness insurance scheme, the options of parental support are also limited for him/her.

Monthly social security contributions in the Czech Republic are paid to the District Social Security Administration (OSSZ) corresponding to the one’s place of residence (permanent or temporary), within the first 20 days of the following month.