An employer engaged in arts (with a registered office in the Czech Republic) is posting his employee abroad for a certain period of time. If this period is shorter than 24 months and the artist is posted to another Member State of the EU or the EEA, or Switzerland, nothing will change provided that certain conditions are met. The employer in the Czech Republic will continue to pay the employee’s contributions to the Czech social security scheme, from which the employee continues to be entitled to receive social security benefits. The posted employee should obtain a certificate of posting – the A1 Form – from the Czech Social Security Administration (ČSSZ). The application for the issuance of the certificate of applicable social security legislation is submitted for the employee by the employer to the local OSSZ. The employee should take this certificate with himself or herself to the country of his/hertemporary work to prove that he/she is registered for social security in the country where he/she is in employment relationship. The employee is obliged to show the certificate to inspectors when a labour inspection takes place at his/herthe workplace.

After the employee returns to the Czech Republic, it is recommended to store potential documents of insurance taken abroad, if such documents were issued by foreign authorities, for example in the case of concurrent employment in multiple countries. After the return to the Czech Republic it is not necessary to contact the relevant OSSZ. If, however, the period of employment in another EU country for which the A1 Form was issued is shortened, it is advisable to contact the relevant OSSZ that issued the form. The OSSZ may request that the employee return the original certificate.

Information on special situations of migrating employees is provided in the Guide for Migrating Persons.