Posting to the Czech Republic

Citizens of another Member State of the EU or the EEA or Switzerland working in the Czech Republic have the same duties as regards social security as Czech citizens.


I am a foreign dancer. I have been employed with a theatre in the Czech Republic for several years and now I am moving back to France. Will I be returned the state pension contributions I have paid in the Czech Republic?

Social security contributions (which include contributions to state pension) are compulsory in the Czech Republic and the contributions paid cannot be refunded (Act No. 589/1992 Sb., on Contributions to Social Security and State Employment Policy). In your case, you can apply the principle of aggregation of insurance periods, which means that the Member States have a duty to take into account not only the periods of insurance in their own territory but also the periods of insurance completed under the laws of other Member States when assessing a person‘s entitlement to benefits. in such cases, “partial pension” is granted and paid by all the countries involved for all the periods of insurance completed by the beneficiary in their territory.