Status of the Artist Abroad

The legal status of artists and other creatives varies from one EU Member State to another. Fr basic overview, information and advice see, for example, the websites listed below and/or look up the below-mentioned organisations operating in individual EU countries:

  • Germany: Comprehensive information not only on the status of artists but also on other mobility-related issues is provided on the Touring Artists web portal.

  • Belgium: Professional consultancy service Cultuurloket offers detailed information on the status of artists in Belgium.

  • France: The MobiCulture information portal supports mobility of those wishing to travel to France. It also answers individual queries.

  • French border area, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium: Guide to Mobility with the following topics: legal status, health insurance, unemployment, pensions, taxes (in German or French only).

  • Austria: Information on labour law and forms of employment in Austria can be found on the SMartAT Mobility website.  Basic information on self-employed persons is provided in documents of the Austrian Association of Independent Theatre, in a PDF document entitled Social Security (in German language), including information on different types of contracts, and in a PDF document entitled Artists – Social Security Fund (in German language only).  For further information see here.