Good to Know

Transport in hand luggage

Items transported in hand luggage are not subject to the import duties (customs duties and tax) provided that their value and quantity are below certain limits. It is therefore necessary to guard the quantity and value limits on the goods.

For transport of a computer, expensive camera or other equipment we recommend using the ATA Carnet (see ATA Carnet). Another option is to have a certificate of origin issued by the customs administration to avoid the necessity of customs clearance upon your return. The origin of goods can also be proved by a document of their purchase (e.g. a receipt or an invoice), but a form issued by the customs administration or an ATA Carnet are a more certain solution.

Renting a vehicle abroad

Vehicle rental companies have their own rules, which can sometimes be surprising. For example, some large rental companies prohibit entry into some countries. In any case, the intention to cross the border in a rental vehicle should be agreed upon with the rental company in advance, since it will also influence the price of the vehicle insurance policy.

You can also rent a vehicle for a certain time via the Internet. Some Czech companies offer this possibility as well.

It is also good to know that vehicle rental companies often make the rental conditional on the age and experience of the driver. They will not lend the vehicle, for example, to a driver under 25 years of age, or they may charge an extra fee.

When picking up the rental vehicle, inform the company of any damage (including a paint scratch) you discover and insist that it be recorded in a report. The best way is to take a picture of the vehicle from all sides at the rental company premises.

Check that you have a full tank and return the car with a full tank as well.

Traffic rules in Europe and fees

Traffic rules in the EU are not governed by Community law, but each Member State applies its own rules. We recommend that you inquire, for example, about speed limits in the particular country. Detailed information

Motorway fees and tolls differ as well

An overview can be found on the website of ÚAMK (Central Automoto Club)

Traffic restrictions for lorries

Restrictions apply to vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes and to all vehicles with trailers (in the Czech Republic and Germany), which are banned from driving at certain times. A table with the exact times of bans on lorries in individual countries is available, for example, here.

These times include night hours, Sundays and public holidays.