Health Insurance outside the EU, the EEA and Switzerland

As regards insurance outside the EU, the EEA, and Switzerland, two situations may occur: The Czech Republic and the country in question have concluded an international agreement on social security (such international agreements can also be concluded with a Member State of the EU, the EEA, and Switzerland). The other possibility is that the Czech Republic and the country in question do not have any international agreement, and such country is then referred to as a non-contracting country.

International social security agreements are a traditional and commonly used means of coordination in the area of social security and health care. Their primary purpose is to secure the rights of persons migrating between two contracting countries.

If an artist or another worker in the cultural sector, either a self-employed person or an employee, is leaving for work in a country which has an international agreement with the Czech Republic, he/she will follow the procedure set out in the agreement and will thus usually by governed by the rules of the country in which he/she will work. If the person terminates or interrupts his/her self-employment or employment in the Czech Republic, he/she has to notify his/her health insurance company of this fact. A self-employed person makes this notification to the competent authorities himself or herself. An employee is deregistered by his/her employer, but if the employer fails to do so, this duty passes to the employee.

If the Czech Republic and the country in which the self-employed person pursues his/her activities do not have an international social security agreement, the person should consult his/her social security and health insurance carrier abroad or the relevant OSSZ and health insurance company in the Czech Republic.


I am an employee in the cultural sector working for an organisation with a registered office in the Czech Republic which has posted me to Israel for 24 months. Where am I obliged to pay health insurance contributions?

The Czech Republic and Israel have an international agreement on social security, which also applies to health insurance and which stipulates that if an employee is posted by his/heremployer having a registered office in the territory of one contracting party to the territory of the other contracting party to perform work for the same employer, the employee is subject to the legislation of the former contracting party until the end of the 36th calendar month after the posting as if he/she was still employed in its territory.

Your employer will therefore pay the social security and health insurance contributions in the Czech Republic for you.

Since health care covered by your health insurance will be provided abroad only to the necessary extent, it is recommendable to take out a travel medical insurance policy before your departure abroad.