A Writen Contract May Be Changed Verbally in some Cases

If the parties decide to modify or amend the content of their contract, there can be two scenarios: If a written form is required by law for a certain type of contract, the same form must be observed for modifying or amending the contract (in this case, the amendment or addendum must always be made in writing). Otherwise, when the law does not require a special form for a particular type of contract, a verbal form is sufficient, and the form of amendment or addendum is left up to the will of the parties. In the latter case, even a contract made in writing can be validly modified or amended verbally, provided that the parties do not stipulate expressly in the contract that it may be amended or amended only in the form of written amendments. For caution’s sake, we recommend mentioning in the contract (in its final provisions) that the contract may only be modified and/or amended by written amendments signed by both contracting parties.