Contract for Work

Under a contract to create or perform a work, the contractor (i.e. an author or artist) is obliged to create a particular specified work, which will be a result of the contractor’s certain activity and deliver it to the client. The contractor is entitled to remuneration for the creation and delivery of the work. The work can be either tangible (photography, sculpture, stage design, structures, costumes, paintings, etc.) or intangible (choreography, directorial concept, film direction, cameraman’s work, a song, illumination design, etc.). For the author or artist, the provisions on the remuneration (price) for the successful creation and delivery of the work is the most important part of the contract.  A work can be characterised as a result of a certain activity, which means that a contract for work does not concern the activity leading to the result, but (only) the result of such activity (the activity itself cannot be a subject of a contract for work). Information concerning potential further handling of works created under a contract for work and having the nature of intangible results of human activity protected by intellectual property rights can be found in the section Licensing Agreement below.