Official Status of Professional Artist

While in the Czech Republic professional artists do not enjoy any special official status, the Slovak Republic has recently amended its Act on Art Funds, introducing the official status of professional artists.

A professional artist is a person who performs artistic activity as a freelancer or on the basis of a contract for work, an employment contract or a purchase contract, meets the required qualification criteria or produces demonstrable artistic results, and is registered in the register of professional artists.

The registration is not compulsory and is not a legal prerequisite for carrying out artistic activities. It may, however, be a prerequisite for the granting of various bonuses and benefits in the future. The records are maintained and administered by the new Slovak Arts Council.  Decisions on the registration are made by the Slovak Arts Council director on the basis of recommendations by an expert board, whose members are nominated by professional art associations.

According to estimates of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, there are roughly 5,000 up to 6,000 professional artists in Slovakia. Exact figures are not, however, available, as there have been no relevant statistics, records or registers since 1993. Independent artists usually pursue their activities individually, on their own behalf and responsibility.