Citizens of the Czech Republic

Health insurance in the Czech Republic is governed by Act No. 48/1997 Sb., on Public Health Insurance, which defines particularly the rules of providing public health insurance, its scope and the conditions under which medical services are covered (“covered medical care”). This law is applied unless stipulated otherwise by directly applicable EU provisions on the coordination of social security schemes of Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC).

The contributions are paid to the health insurance company with which the insured person is insured (the relevant health insurance company) from the first day of the commencement of employment or self-employment.

The insured person has the right to choose the health insurance company on his/her own. The insurance company can be switched once every twelve months, always as of the first day of the calendar half-year.

When being provided medical treatment, the insured person is obliged to show a valid health insurance card (the European health insurance card, EHIC) or a replacement certificate issued by the relevant health insurance company).