A foreigner from the EU, the EEA, or Switzerland who does not have permanent residence in the Czech Republic may be insured in the Czech public health insurance scheme either by law as an employee or on the basis of European regulations (e.g. as a self-employed person pursuing independent gainful activities on a long-term basis solely in Czech Republic).

A foreigner with permanent residence in the Czech Republic is obliged to register for health insurance in the Czech Republic as soon as he/she obtains the Czech citizenship.

The duties of foreigners posted to the Czech Republic from countries outside the EU, the EEA, and Switzerland are governed by bilateral international agreements.

Citizens of another Member State of the EU or the EEA or Switzerland working in the Czech Republic have the same duties in the area of health insurance as Czech citizens (see Employees in the Czech Republic; Self-employed Persons in the Czech Republic). With regard to the mobility and free movement of employees, self-employed persons and all EU citizens, special provisions of Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 on the coordination of social security schemes apply.