Specific Features of Transport of Artworks

Within Central Europe, works of art are transported by lorries and, for longer distances, by air. In the Czech Republic, there are only a few companies specialising in the transport of artworks, using insulated and padded boxes or air-conditioned frames. Paintings often stay in these frames with double glazing and own air-conditioning units throughout the exhibition, especially if they are exhibited in a church where the air is significantly wetter than in the usual exhibition halls.

Rare exhibits do not travel alone but are accompanied by a courier, who is responsible for their takeover and who is hired and sent for the trip by the lender (creditor), while the trip and accommodation (usually for two nights) is paid by the borrower (debtor). In the ideal case, the courier should be a restorer, but the role of courier is often played by the director or assistant of the lender (creditor).